vICOFund Private Offering – Overview

vICOFund is a managed portfolio targeting small cap and high demand crypto startups that are anticipated to have a near-term (12-24 month)  liquidity event.

Through in-depth independent research our consulting group discovers the best pre-sale ICO’s, upcoming listings and undervalued exchange traded tokens.  In many cases we are able to negotiate preferred token prices because of our investment strength.  Our proven methodology of buying into projects that have a solid business model, who maximize Blockchain Technology and employ a utility-based token allowed us to return a 29X+ profit in calendar years 2016-2017. (Not a predictor of future results).

The vICOFund Sale will be managed in tiers as follows:

The vICOFund
™  token bonus is based on the date and level of contribution. See whitepaper for more details.


Fund Managers

Jay Alfred

Jay was formerly a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He spent many years as a daytrader and in the development of computer-based trading systems. Jay began trading cryptocurrencies in early 2015.



Mira Radcliff


Mira has over twenty-five years’ experience in worldwide computer software operations.  She has a proven capability in creating and optimizing marketing strategies, the introduction of new products, and the alignment of corporate resources to produce sustainable revenue streams. Mira has an MBA and graduated with honors from Northwestern, Executive Management Program.

Mira now uses her extensive experience to evaluate early stage companies entering the blockchain movement. She is keen to identify projects which have both short-term and long-term potential based on their organization, business model, go to market strategy and  ability to execute.




Participate in our  vICOFund Presale

Presale is closed

April 18, 2018 – 3pm GMT

(Ending: May 17, 2018 3pm GMT)


ETH Contributed


Presale Hardcap – 10,000 ETH
Minimum Deposit – 25 Eth
Presale Bonus –  up to 41.5%

Asset Allocation

The fund will target small-cap startup ICO’s across multiple blockchain segments that are disrupting existing norms.. Our target is to diversify into as many as 80 new crypto projects.

Warning: Trading in cryptocurrencies is a High Risk Investment! Never invest in more than you can afford to lose. 
You should always keep in mind that transactions in cryptocurrencies involve a substantial degree of risk or reward and may not be suitable for all investors, since they can result in significant or even total loss of your funds and of your entire investment.

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